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Where Are Your Visitors Coming From? -- Web Traffic Analysis

Free Web Traffic Analysis Services
The counter provides free tracking services to its members. By placing a small image on your web site they will tell you information such as when your visitors came, from where and by using what browser. If you are just experimenting with Web traffic analysis you can't go wrong with

eXTReMe Tracker
The eXTReMe Tracker is a free service that offers comprehensive real-time reporting with no limit on the amount of traffic that you receive on your Web site. It is capable of tracking your visitors' geographic location, their domain, email address, the browser that they are using, and much more. The eXTReMe Tracker is a very comprehensive service that is completely free.

Web Side Story's HitBox is designed for ad supported, personal, or e-commerce sites. Capable of developing user profiles, tracking which sites refer your visitors to your site, and how much traffic you receive on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. HitBox can also track how your visitors navigate around your Web site, which can help you in customizing your Web site to your viewers needs. is a free service that allows you to retrieve real-time statistics for your web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out who's visiting your site, how they found it, and when they were there.

WebTrends Marketing Web Analytics and Web StatisticsWeb Analytics and Web Statistics from WebTrends, the worldwide leader in web analytics. Accelerate your conversion rates and web ROI.

Web Traffic Analysis Education

Demystify Your Log Files
This article written by Olufemi Anthony explains in detail how your log files produce traffic analysis data. Although this article was written in 1998, it goes over different terminology, and gives descriptive examples that can help you to understand what exactly goes on in your Web servers log files.

There's Gold in them there log files
This article written by Charlie Morris touches on the different thing that your can interpret from log files when analyzed by Web traffic analysis software. It touches on different features that are available with different software.

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